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Founded in 2013, the NY Chamber Music Coop started with a group of friends who had worked and performed together over decades and has since evolved into an even larger group of friends who simply love playing together, and especially for a good cause.

The Coop is committed to creating programs which celebrate the diversity of New York and the open borders of great music.


Coop programs highlight issues of social justice in

chamber music new and old. 

Core Members

Lisa Kozenko, oboe

Lisa Tipton, violin

Adria Benjamin, viola

Tomoko Fujita, cello

Adrienne Kim, piano


Sebu Sirinian, Violin

Robert Zubrycki, violin

Karl Kawahara, violin

Miranda Sielaff, Viola

Lois Martin, Viola

Miho Zaitsu Weber, Cello


Troy Rinker, bass

Peter Weitzner, bass

Roger Wagner, bass

Diane Lesser, oboe

Keve Wilson, oboe

Matt Sullivan, oboe


Jo-Ann Sternberg, Clarinet

David Sapadin, clarinet


Leonard Hindell, bassoon

Gilbert DeJean, bassoon


Kate Sheeran, horn


Warren Wernick, trumpet/flugelhorn

Terry Szor, trumpet/flugelhorn


Francisco Roldan , guitar

Photo by Noah O'Leary

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